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 Fairwell To Our Flea Market Friends

The owners of Harpers Ferry Flea Market regretfully inform our patrons, that we are, OUT OF BUSINESS. Our flea market was established on leased property and the owner of the land sold it to the CIVIL WAR PRESERVATION TRUST on October 15, 2014. Ron and Dan had no say in it's closure, and the Civil War Preservation Trust would not allow Harpers Ferry Flea Market an extension of even one more year. Ron and Dan would like to thank all who supported the Best Flea Market In The Area. Both of us enjoyed having one of the top 3 attractions in Jefferson County, West Virginia for ten years of the 32 year span of this business. We are sorry we can't continue the market, but again, the choice was not ours to make. It has been a pleasure serving the people who supported and participated in this pickers paradise of antiques, yard sales, wholesale goods and specialty shops, known as HARPERS FERRY FLEA MARKET.....Our Sincere Thanks, Ron & Dan.

The Land Purchased By The Civil War Preservation Trust is at 2182 Millville Rd. Harpers Ferry, WV 25425